Newton Free School

Success Starts Here!

Founded in 2013, Newton Free School has cultivated an environment where learning and teaching are enjoyable and collaborative. As an authorized school of The International Baccalaureate®, Newton Free School offers students in grades 0-12 access to globally recognized study programs:

1. Primary Years Program (PYP Preschool, PYP Grades 1-5)

2. Middle Years Program (MYP Grades 6-10)

3. Diploma Program (DP Grades 11-12)

Starting from the 2024-2025 academic year, Newton Free School accepts students at two different addresses:

1. Newton Free School in Tbilisi (grades 0-12)

2. Newton Free School in Saguramo (grades 0-5)

Newton Free School is dedicated to its students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development, aiming to encourage independent and critical thinking skills from an early age.

The infrastructure at Newton Free School offers students a range of modern facilities, including teaching laboratories, an indoor gym, an open sports field, a swimming pool, and various other essential spaces—all designed to create a comfortable environment for teaching and learning.

We prioritize the opinions and wishes of our students, to transform school life into an engaging adventure filled with positive challenges.

Given the diverse interests of Newton School students, in addition to the main curriculum, the school provides various club classes for its students.

Newton Free School’s mission is to uncover and harness its students’ potential to shape them into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring global citizens who can take the lead in making the world a better place. To achieve this, Newton Free School aims for its students to find joy in exploring, discovering and acquiring new knowledge and skills within and beyond the classroom.

It is our mission:

To help our students grow into internationally-minded people with a strong sense of civic responsibility who can help to build a more peaceful world;

To keep our students’ learning up-to-date with the latest scientific achievements and to provide knowledge based on ideas and issues that are of local and international significance;

To equip our students with learning skills and habits from an early age so that they can seek and attain knowledge independently as well as collaboratively;

To enable our students, to grow into daring and driving individuals who can achieve success while helping others to become successful as well;

To develop students’ ability to think creatively and critically when problem-solving and addressing challenging issues;

To inspire our students to become resilient and resourceful life-long learners who are always willing to grow from the experience;

To foster effective communication skills so our students can express themselves confidently and creatively in various cultural and social settings.

Starting from the 2024-2025 academic year, Newton Free School is also accepting students in Saguramo for the Preschool (PYP) and Primary Years (PYP grades 1-5) programmes. Various recreational areas are arranged on the school’s premises for learning and playing in the fresh air.

For detailed information regarding the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme, please refer to the following links: PYP Preschool, PYP Grades 1-5.

To learn more about the admission and transfer procedures at Newton Free School, please follow the provided link.

To view the exact address of the school, click on the link.

If you have any inquiries regarding Newton Free School, please contact the Parent Relations Office:

Phone: 570 705 090; 570 705 080

At Newton Free School the library is an integral part of school life, containing a collection of over 700 items, including works of literature, scientific books, professional resources, and educational materials. It serves to support students, teachers, and other team members in their professional, intellectual, and creative development.

Newton Free School Library actively hosts various events, including public lectures, book presentations, film screenings, exhibitions, meetings and discussions with writers and artists, and more.

As part of the internship program, students from Newton Free School participate in various aspects of library operations, including the management of the book collection and book processing. Additionally, intern students participate in the planning of events organized by the School Library.