Newton Free School

BC “Orbi” Basketball Academy

Establishing a balance between academic success and a healthy lifestyle stands as a crucial element in uncovering and nurturing students’ potential

The Basketball Academy of our partner, the “Orbi” Basketball Club, operates at “Newton Free School”. Newton School and the “Orbi” Basketball Academy actively collaborate to foster an environment where students thrive both academically and beyond the classroom. Through training and mentorship focused on holistic development, coaches at the “Orbi” Basketball Academy strive to develop students’ technical abilities, strategic thinking, teamwork skills, and physical fitness.

Academy teams participate in national tournaments, achieving notable success. Additionally, teams from the “Orbi” Basketball Academy engage in international tournaments. This experience not only enhances students’ basketball skills but also enables them to understand cultural diversity and develop new perspectives on the global basketball community.

For further information, please contact the BC “Orbi” Basketball Academy at the phone number 511 247 740, or via email at