Newton Free School

FC Locomotive Tbilisi Football Academy

At the “Locomotive Tbilisi” Football Academy, students are divided into age groups, and the training sessions are led by professional coaches from the FC “Locomotive Tbilisi”

In 2021, the 6-year partnership between FC “Locomotive Tbilisi” and “Newton Free School” entered a new stage with the establishment of the “Locomotive Tbilisi” Football Academy branch at the Newton school stadium. At the academy of a renowned Georgian club with extensive football history, students undergo training with specially curated coaching programs tailored to the unique requirements of each age group under the guidance of professional coaches.

The Academy offers aspiring students the right coaching philosophy and methodologies, access to modern training facilities, as well as highly qualified coaches, and management.

For further information, please contact the FC “Locomotive Tbilisi” Football Academy at the phone number 574 052 090, or via email at