Kindergarden “Patronus”

“Patronus” is a unique kindergarten in the sense that here the children themselves are the creators and coordinators of the curriculum, which is in itself built through the recognition of their interests and strengths. Each child is an equal participant in the learning process and their ideas, thoughts, and questions are always valued and taken into consideration.

Project-based learning plays a significant role in the curriculum as it provides ample opportunities for children to engage in inquiry and self-directed learning, which in its turn leads them to express, share, demonstrate and consolidate their knowledge and experiences. It is our belief that in every child there is a strong, hard-working, independent, inquisitive and imaginative person.

Patronus’ aim is to equip our pupils with key thinking, creative and inquiry skills so that they grow into individuals who are fully capable of making decisions independently and responsibly.

We take great care to listen to our pupils’ wishes, thoughts and questions as we believe that these are vital personal attributes that need to be fostered and developed. Our pupils are aware that through asking lots of questions and engaging in inquiry-based learning they will acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge, and satisfy their curiosity.

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