The preschool program is designed for 5-6 year-old children. The aim of the program is to support the child’s mental and physical development and prepare them for school.

The preschool program is comprised of three parts:

Part 1: Educational Module

  • Developing and enhancing reading skills: reading comprehension, expressing yourself coherently.
  • Memorizing words, texts and drawings.
  • Formation of mathematical concepts.
  • Solution of primary logical tasks.
  • Developing prewriting skills.
  • Developing speaking skills and speech, diversifying lexical range.
  • Nurturing motivation for learning.

Part 2: Activities for developing Gross motor skills

  • Outdoor activities

Part 3: Creativity Module

  • Using various types of classroom tools following general safety rules ( glue, scissors, paint, paper, brushes, etc.)
  • Crafting (Plasticine, clay, salt dough);
  • Application (working with mixed materials, using natural materials, various types of paper, cardboard, cereal grain);
  • Painting (Paints, markers, colour pencils, gouache, finger paints, pastels)
  • Music (Musical instruments, Rhythmic instruments)
  • Entertaining Experiments
  • Making Toys, Design, Constructing (Origami, Quilling).


Duration of the school day: 10:00-18:00

Meals: 3 times a day

Number of students per group: 20