School of Robotics

Newton School of Robotics offers its students a Lego robotics course informed by cutting edge global technological updates  and is completely suited for the ages, skills and interests of the participants.

Each course is 6 weeks long and is comprised of a number of stages. At each stage, the complexity level of models and tasks changes.

The lessons consist of two parts – theoretical and practical. The students gain theoretical knowledge on a variety of subjects in order to lay down the foundational understanding of robotics to successfully build, code and programme robots equipped with particular characteristics and information.

The goal of Newton School of Robotics is to spark students’ interest in the modern world of technology. We strive that our students become fully-fledged participants in the ever evolving and fast-paced realm of robotics. Since the enormously significant role technology plays in today’s world, not only should young people be mere consumers of these technologies but become actively involved in understanding and designing them so that they are prepared in the face of the challenges of the modern world.

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